Thursday Kickball at Cuernavaca Park in LoDo (Summer 2015)  Kickball · Co-Ed Social Kickball in Denver

Summer 2015 2015
Jun 4 ’15
Aug 6 ’15
Registration Dates:
Apr 29 ’15 – May 13 ’15 early bird
May 14 ’15 – May 20 ’15 regular
May 21 ’15 – Jun 14 ’15 late
Jackson's in LoDo
Minimum age:
21 years old
Age as of:
Mar 30 ’15
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 7:00pm and 8:00pm

Co-Ed Social Kickball

Team Fees
Early Bird $40.00 per player + $4.00 Processing Fee
Regular $55.00 per player + $4.00 Processing Fee
Late $65.00 per player + $4.00 Processing Fee
Free Agent Fees
Early Bird $40.00 + $4.00 Processing Fee
Regular $50.00 + $4.00 Processing Fee
Late $65.00 + $4.00 Processing Fee


Week 1: 6/4
Week 2: 6/11
Week 3: 6/18
Week 4: 6/25
Week 5: 7/2
Week 6: 7/9
Week 7: 7/16

Playoffs: 7/23, 7/30 & 8/6 


This Summer, our 7-week season of Thursday Kickball, plus playoffs, begins on Thursday, June 4th. Game times will be 7PM each week. Games will be at City of Cuernavaca Park in LoDo.

All of our games and sports are co-ed and recreational - which means our leagues are low on competitiveness. We're all out there to make friends and have a great time, and we'd love for you to join us. After your games each week, we'll head on over to the sponsor bar (Jackson's) for happy hour specials and flip cup! 

Social Events

We will have TWO free parties during the season: a kickoff party and an end-of-season party. You must be a member of NAKID for our Summer season and you must join and RSVP on our Meetup group or on facebook to get FREE access to the party. If you don't RSVP, you will need to pay $10 per person at the door to enter. In addition, you're more than welcome to bring guests to the parties, and it's just $10 for each guest to join the party!

Our parties are OPEN BAR PARTIES!! Beer will be flowing from the tap, and we'll be working on other bar specials for you to enjoy. This will last as long as it lasts, so get to the party early!

We will have other social events during the season, and we're in the planning stages for them right now. Join the Meetup group and/or follow us on facebook to stay informed of upcoming events!

Playing Kickball in Denver

Fees to Join

All players must register and pay to play in NAKID. Player substitutions are NOT permitted at any point in the season - only players registered and paid to play on your team may play.

  • Our early bird rate is just $40 per person and our early bird price runs until Wednesday, May 6th.
  • Our regular price is just $55 per person and the regular price runs from Thursday, May 7th through Wednesday, May 20th.
  • Our late registration price is just $65 per person and the late registration price begins on Thursday, May 21st. Registration closes on Sunday, June 7th.

We will allow up to one Captain per team to play for free, although Captains will need to initially pay for their spot on their team. Captains of teams that have met the minimum number of players per team will be refunded.

If you would like to sign up your company or have a large group of people that you would like to pay for in one lump sum that is possible.  Please e-mail us at for more information and details on how to sign everyone up! 

Players who register and do not pay will be removed from the league prior to free agents being assigned to teams.

There is also a non-refundable transaction fee of up to $4 per registration when registering for this league.

Teams & Free Agents

We will have between 8 and 16 teams in this league, although more team spots may open up later. Each team must have a minimum of 18 players and a maximum of 25 players per team.

All teams must be open to accepting Free Agents - people that join NAKID by themselves or with a small group of friends that need a team to join. Free Agents will be assigned to teams needing players by Monday, May 11th.

If you do have a small group of people that you want to make sure are on your team, please e-mail us at after you register so that we can do our best to meet your request when free agents are placed.

If you are a captain of your team, and feel special consideration should be given to NOT assign Free Agents to your team, please contact us by May 9th and we will consider your request.

If you want to start a team, you must do so no later than Thursday, May 7th.

Player T-shirts 

Every member of NAKID this Summer season will get a player t-shirt that must be worn at all games. We expect the t-shirts to arrive prior to the second week of games.

Team Captains will receive an email asking for team shirt color preferences once they register for the league. Captains must respond to this email or we will pick a color for you. Captains will be asked for their top three color choices, and we will do our best to get the color you like.

Our first round of t-shirts will be ordered on May 11th, and we're aiming for delivery by the second week of games. We will only be ordering t-shirts for players who have paid (and Captains).

Playing Kickball in Denver


Please see our comprehensive kickball rules (PDF file).

Rainouts, Game Cancellations and Rescheduling

Periodically, games may need to be cancelled or rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances. For our outdoor sports, that usually involves rain/snow/hail/thunder & lightning. For our indoor sports, there sometimes may be scheduling conflicts at the facility where we play our games.

If games can be rescheduled, we will reach out to captains for input on the available options. If games cannot be rescheduled, we will go to our sponsor bar for happy hour and flip cup. In any case, we ask all players to be patient and understanding for circumstances beyond our control.


All teams will be invited to play in our seasonal, single-elimination playoffs. Captains MUST respond to an email survey that we'll send out later in the season, asking if they can field a team for the playoffs. Seeding for the playoffs will be based on Wins-Lose-Tie scores, followed by Runs Scored Differential (# of Runs scored during the season minus # of Runs score against). Any ties beyond that will be randomly corrected. The playoffs schedule will be based off of a standard single-elimination bracket (see examples at

Playoffs game times and innings may differ from the regular season, to ensure we can fit all teams into playoffs in the allotted time. Playoff game days may change depending on park/facility availability.

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If you have questions, please visit our How It Works page or email us at

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