How It Works: Start a Team

How do I start a team?

Send us an email to and we'll get your team started.

What are my responsibilities?

Below are the 10 responsibilities of a captain. If you are unable or unwilling to fulfill these responsibilities, please do not start a team.

  1. Come out to your games every week (missing one here and there is okay).
  2. Manage and distribute shirts to your team.
  3. Manage all aspects of your game. This includes at a minimum: building a lineup (kicking order) for your team (in the case of kickball), keeping track of your score, ensuring you're fielding the proper number of players and they know where to go on the field, instructing them on how to play.
  4. Verifying that the people playing on your team are actually listed on your team (on the NAKID website).
  5. Sending out (at least) bi-weekly emails to your team(s) alerting them of team-only activities and NAKID-wide events. Encourage all teammates to sign up AND RSVP for NAKID events on our Meetup page.
  6. Sending out a weekly evite/invite to your team to each game.
  7. Rallying your team at the bar (in part to challenge other teams to flip cup).
  8. Organize 2-3 team happy hours in the season.
  9. Read, understand, and follow the rules for each sport for which you are a captain.
  10. Engage ALL of your teammates in the game and post-game activities. Do not exclude anyone.

Do captains play for free?

Yes! Once your team hits the minimum number of players, you play for free. You will need to email us for the captains refund.

How many players should I have joining with me?

It's always nice to start out with a few friends. Generally, 5 or more is good, but not required.

What if I don't have enough players?

Teams that are below the minimum number of players may be merged into another team, about 2 weeks prior to the start of the season.

How do I get my team shirts?

Team t-shirts will be available at your first game. Captains will need to arrive a little ealy and pick them up.

How can I register an entire team?

Please email us at to register an entire team.

How do rainouts work?

We'll update our NAKID hotline (855-GO-NAKID) if games have to be cancelled. In that event, we all meet up at the bar at game time and NAKID buys some beer (a limited amount). We do not reschedule rained out games.

Why does my team have to referee?

In most of our sports, the referees are our members and teams. This allows us to keep our costs low, so we can have a variety of fun events and free parties for members.

How many referees do we need?

It varies from sport to sport, but generally, you'll need 8 for outdoor kickball and 4-6 for other sports. At least some of them should be knowledgable in the rules for the sport.

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